This Is the very first tumblr dedicated to Melissa Anderson. Who's better known as "Cheerleader Melissa","Alissa Flash" or "Raisha Saeed" No matter what character she's In, This Is dedicated to her. I'm a loving and supporting die hard fan. And she doesn't have to be mainstream for me to like her. It really won't matter If she's In 'WWE' - 'TNA' Shimmer,ect, Clickwrestle. And It doesn't matter where the media comes from twitter,myspace,facebook,various websites - you name It I'll post here. For my fellow fans and I to enjoy <3 So please do enjoy. You're more then welcome to make submissions. And also, I'm not looking for a bunch of followers I more so just want a REAL Melissa fanbase. So It's not the numbers(of followers) that count. It's the actual fans. ♥